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Corn EXT 6763

Offer type: salePublished: 02.12.2020
Price:10 UAH
Seller:Nosal'skaya Svetlana, Parkovskij Aleksandr
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
Simple (modified) hybrid FAO 320

New hybrid the expense of increased resistance to germination in adverse conditions allows to use it in competition with the hybrids with lower FAO. Has a powerful the stalk that causes a high resistance to lodging. The features of the morphological structure and cob provide good Vologoda. Suitable for growing in all areas such as on intensive technology and the technology minimal cultivation of the soil.

Ripeness group- the mid

The potential yield 16.5 t/ha

• plant height 250 - 260 cm

• the grain is of siliceous type

• mounting height 95-100cm, number of grains in the row-40-46, 14-18 rows of grains

• resistance to helmintosporium and Fusarium 8-7 points

• drought resistance of 8 points

• resistance to lodging 8 points

• tolerant to smut and bubble root rots (7 points)

Recommended the density of seeding:

• Step 60 000 – 70 000 grains/ha

• Steppe 65 000 – 80 000 grains/ha

• Polesie 80 000 -90 000 grains/ha