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The spring tines of the aerator (scarifier) MTD Optima 38 VO. To buy springs aerator (scarifier) MTD Optima 38 VO to replace.

Offer type: salePublished: 23.02.2022
Price:520 RUR
Company:ChP Nikitin
Seller:Vitalij Nikitin Valentinovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Volgogradskaya Oblast', Volgograd

The spring tines of the aerator (scarifier) MTD OPTIMA 38 VO. Made of spring wire St-70 with a diameter of 2 mm. Internal diameter 13.5 mm. winding the Number of turns of 4.2 , the length of the short flat part of about 25 mm. the length of the long flat part of the latest 65 mm 20 mm bent. Sold in sets of 24 pieces (12 left + 12 right). The springs were the exact heat treatment does not break and unbend. Send spring tines of the aerator (scarifier) MTD OPTIMA 38 VO across Russia, delivery of Mail Russia. Sending from Kharkov. Payment in Russian ruble card. Please contact us at telefn 0503020058 (Viber), 0679136244 in working and weekend days. To see the price of spring prongs, settings, photos of all our products on our website