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Preobrazjenskaya machine MPL-150М1

Offer type: salePublished: 02.06.2020
Company:OOO 'Listransmash'
Seller:Sosnovskij Aleksandr
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Address:Luhans'ka Oblast', Lysychans'k, Ukraine
Preobrazjenskaya machine MPL-150М1 is a continuation of the technological line preobrazgenskij machines such as MPL-150.
Preobrazjenskaya machine MPL-150М1, as well as laboratory preobrazjenskaya machine MPL-150 can be used in hazardous locations.
Preobrazjenskaya machine MPL-150М1 is able to produce crushing of samples of minerals, as an independent unit in preobrazgenskij laboratories of the mines, and as part of the mechanized complexes preobrazgenskij sampling units and sampling systems.

After crushing/grinding the solid fuel materials in preobrazgenskiy machine MPL-issued 150М1 size fractions of laboratory samples is not more than 3 mm. it should be noted that the size of the feedstock particle size should not be more than 150mm and have a marginal rate of humidity:

for bituminous coals, and anthracite – 18%;

for brown coal — 60%;

for combustible slates — 17%

In addition, the machine preobrazjenskaya MPL-150М1 can be used for the preparation of laboratory samples from other minerals, whose characteristics of hardness and abrasiveness close to the stone or brown coal. Also spare parts to it!