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Mini Foton Lovol tractor TE-244 (Photon TE-244) with wide tyres

Offer type: продамPublished: 02.05.2022
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Address:Kyiv Oblast', Vasylkiv, Ukraine
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This modification of Photon LOVOL THOSE-244 is characterized by the presence of several additional options wide tires, crank and upgraded instrument panel. The appearance of mini-tractors in the domestic market due to its versatility, reliability and high efficiency in performing different kinds of tasks. The model is equipped vertical three-cylinder diesel КМ385ВТ (power 24 HP) with stable performance and reliable quality.

Technical indicators strengthened by the presence of double disc clutch (provides the PTO when you stop the tractor) and adjustable track front and rear wheels. Optimally designed equipment, free access to components for maintenance, and also simplicity and ease of operation distinguish mini-tractor analogues among other manufacturers.

The hood can be easily lifted with the shock absorber. The hatch on the hood provides easy access to the fuel filler. Air filter with paper filter element is located under the hood. Metal mesh in front of radiator to protect from dust, foreign objects and other factors that may cause damage to the cooling system. Glow plug makes it easier to run in the winter.

Maneuverability, stability and high throughput technology provide the design features of the model:

all-wheel drive;
power steering (has a Central cylinder with feedthrough);
differential lock rear axle;
two-speed PTO;
powerful linkage;
front cargo and towing device;
two hydraulic pumps;
separate brake pedal with the Parking function;
tow hitch pendulum with height adjustment;
the adjustable hub of the rear wheels;
three-stage air cleaner.

For the comfort and safety of operator's work designed padded seat (adjustable for weight and height) with coil springs, hydraulic shock-absorber and additional rubber stops of a mechanical type which reduces the level and the strength of the vibration of the tractor. Ergonomically positioned hand and gas control levers. The updated dashboard (bold arrows move from zero to max) allows you to fully control the parameters of safe operation. Installed alarm system.

Details practical modern design (elongated hind wings, stretching on the rear fenders, handrails, rear working light, spherical mirrors) can create additional safety and comfort and control tractor.
Engine model KM385BT
Wheel formula 4x4
Power, HP/kW 24/17.6
Number of cylinders 3
Working volume, cm3 1532
Fuel type diesel
Engine cooling liquid
Type air filter inertial three-stage oil
Glow plug is
The number of gears in the transmission (4+1)x2
Type clutch disc
Weight, kg 1400
Front/rear cargo, kg 54/no
Nominal tractive force, kN 6.1
The capacity of the sample, kg 420
Maximum speed km/h 26.0
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 3225/1475/1900 with a silencer
Wheelbase, mm 1639
Front wheels track, mm 1059-1215
Rear track, mm 960-1460
Ground clearance, mm 270
Differential lock is
The size of the front tyres 6,5 - 16
The size of the rear tyres 11.2-24
Servo hydraulic
Number of pumps 2
The Parking brake is
PTO, rotation speed, Rev/min. 540/720
Fuel tank capacity, l 29
Protection against accidental start-up is.

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