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Sell machine for the production of cups Victoria SBZ-12, (China new)

Offer type: salePublished: 09.09.2020
Seller:Tischenko Natal'ya
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Address:Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv, Ukraine
Sell machine for the production of cups Victoria SBZ-12, (China new)

Machine Victoria SBZ-12 for the production of paper cups for dispensing hot
drinks from non-corrosive components.
For the manufacture of cups used special paper with double-sided RE
specialized lamination or double-sided lamination.
Pre-cut paper blanks with printed images (or without) the machine automatically
form the skeleton of the glasses, wrapping the workpiece around a special matrix.
The attachment seams of the Cup is accomplished by thermally welding resin layer laminated paper.
Then, there is automatic feeding and sealing the bottoms of glasses, which were immediately cut down by the machine from a roll.
Further, there is beading the upper and lower edges of the Cup in order to give elasticity to a paper Cup.

Characterstic: Victoria SBZ-12
Paper weight, g / m2 - от180 до280 single / double sided PE lamination
Max. production PCs / min 45 PCs / min
The volume of the Cup - 90-250 ml / 169-360 ml / 300 ml - 500
Power, kW - 4,
Machine weight, kg - 1 500

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