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The surface gauge Bulgaria 600mm

Offer type: salePublished: 25.11.2022
Price:75 000 UAH
Company:TzOV "Orbita"
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Address:Chervonohrad, L'vivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine

The surface gauge of 60 cm, manufacturer Bulgaria.
Maximum width mm 620
Maximum thickness 200 mm
A number of props on the table, 3 PCs
Maximum removable layer 1-pass, 7 mm
Minimum length of workpiece, mm 410
Diameter of knife shaft, mm 140
The number of knives on shaft, 4 PCs
The size of knives, mm 32 x 3 x 610
The number of revolutions of knife shaft, min-1 5000
Feed speed, m / min 6-30
Motor power of cutter shaft kW 7.5
Motor power of table lifting kW 0,75
Power of feed motor kW 1,1
Width, mm 1460
Height, mm 1260
Weight, kg 1200