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Ukrainian sunflower sun (90-95 days)

Offer type: salePublished: 26.10.2017
Price:1 200 UAH
Seller:Vakalyuk Yarina Anatoliyivna
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Address:Illichivs'k, Odessa oblast', Ukraine

Inultrasonoscopy, breeding MADE "all-Ukrainian science Institute of plant breeding, for the price of 1200.00 UAH/n. (15000 onsnin).

GBrid drought resistant, recommended for post-harvest sowing.

Type hybrid: Trahni

Ripeness group: ultra early

The number of days seedlings-flowering 53

The vegetation period of 85-90 days.

High resistance to diseases and stress factors, especially very high to drought high to Volgograd and rust , winter-hardy, resistant to Broomrape 5рас.A B C D E. More information about our sunflower and other seeds (Watch, Atilla, Cardinal, Carlos 115, Armageddon, Rhymes, Emisan, Leopard Matador, Auris and corn seeds Grand 220,310 Grand Grand 5, Amarok), You can find on our website:
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