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Powder coating, thermosetting, camofluage

Offer type: salePublished: 22.09.2021
Company:OOO 'Metall Import Grupp'
Seller:Troyanchuk Aleksandra
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
Powder coating, thermosetting, camofluage
Powders for gas-powder surfacing. Select powder for your needs! Supply powders for surfacing brands ПГ10Н01, ПГ12Н02, ПГ12Н01, Thermo 50, ПГ10Н04, ПТ19Н01, ПТНА01, PGSR-2,3,4. ПС12НВК, ПГ10к01, ПН85Ю15, ПН70Ю30, ПРНХ16с3Р3, ПН65х15С2Р2, ПТЮНХ16СР3, ПТЮ5н, ПТЮ10Н, and others. In the presence of more than 1 ton of powder. Any given volume. from 1kg. will send Free samples.