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To pass colored scrap metal is beneficial in SPb

Offer type: salePublished: 11.01.2017
Company:Kompaniya "MetInvest"
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Nonferrous scrap metal - profitable where to take it

Nonferrous scrap metal – profitable investment on the market of recyclable materials, whose requirements are rapidly increasing from year to year. That is why a growing number of St. Petersburg companies, professionally engaged in buying scrap from businesses and households, are ready to offer optimal conditions, including dismantle, departure of the appraiser on the house and transportation of metal to the point of reception.

Types of non-ferrous scrap

What are the actions of a man who decided to get rid of piles accumulated over many years of scrap metal? You first need to determine the type of existing metal. Otherwise you can fall into the trap of unscrupulous inspectors deliberately lowered prices.

To begin with, one should understand that the scrap value of lower cost products from non-ferrous metal. But, there are other evaluation criteria, because the colored scrap metal is a very broad concept, which includes the following types of household and industrial products:

  • the motor, cable and battery;
  • radiator, old pipe, dimensions fixture;
  • bearing, spring, gear;
  • domestic capacity and utensils;
  • plumbing, cutting tools, electrical product;
  • seal, counterweight, lead solder and the fishing sinker;
  • the coil of the fridge and typographical Garth;
  • mesh, shavings and sawdust of non-ferrous alloys.

As for the chemical composition of non-ferrous scrap, experts distinguish between copper, aluminum, bronze, copper, brass, titanium and lead scrap metal, and also stainless steel.

Where advantageous to take colored scrap

An equally important step is the choice of the company which carries out reception of non-ferrous scrap is expensive. Because only professionals care about their reputation are able to offer the most interesting terms of delivery.

They can take care of the proper assessment of the proposed material by a qualified appraiser. Using modern equipment (scales and a special on-line analyzers), the latter will be able to accurately determine the chemical composition, the purity and weight of specific items that significantly affect the final cost.

For example, vintage bronze will be appreciated much more expensive tin bronze alloy, although the most valuable non-ferrous metals are still considered to be brass and copper. In this case, the battery will be the least valuable form of lead scrap, the acceptance of which is subject to special requirements.

If you are looking for the best point of reception of non-ferrous scrap in St. Petersburg, we recommend to contact the company "Metinvest", the prices and conditions which can be found on the website