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Spare parts for presses granulators OGM 1.5; OGM 0,8; DHA; DG-1

Offer type: salePublished: 04.09.2018
Seller:Zaveruha Klim
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The manufacture and sale of any spare parts for presses pellet mills the wood pellets and animal feed
series OGM 1.5; OGM 0,8; DHA; DG-1. Housings, gear boxes, intermediate shaft, splined static
shafts, gears faceplate, gear shafts high-speed and high-speed Central, intermediate gear,
glasses gear the front plate of the front and rear rollers, roller assemblies, molded faceplate, the slot-pair,cover
granulators, safety glasses (the ears are large/small), the eccentric shafts of the rollers, tie clips cast,
hat matrix, matrix, circular and flat, the sets of regulators of rollers, feeders, attachment matrices, blocks,
the locking rollers covers, faceplates nut, locking spacer, blade roller, slot-pair adjustment,
of couplings, sides grooved and perforated