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osb-3, OSB-3, OSB panels, plywood FC, hardboard hardboard, chipboard

Offer type: salePublished: 25.01.2016
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
Plywood FC 1525х1525х4мм - 200R/sheet Plywood FC 1525х1525х6мм - 260p/l Plywood FC 1525х1525х8мм - 330p/l Plywood FC 1525х1525х9мм - 360p/sheet Plywood FC 1525х1525х10мм - 380r/sheet Plywood FC 1525х1525х12мм - 460p/sheet Plywood FC 1525х1525х15мм - 560р/l Plywood FC 1525х1525х18мм - 680p/l Plywood FC 1525х1525х21мм - 800R/l, OSB-3 plate 1220х2440х9мм -420r/l OSB-3 plate 1220х2440х12мм-540R/l OSB-3 plate 1250х2500х9мм - 430p/l OSB-3 plate 1250х2500х12мм-570r/l hardboard hardboard 1220х2140х3мм - 105p/l DSP 1830х2440х16мм - 600R/sheet Plywood laminated 1220х2440х18мм-1550p/sheet we offer a range of RSD-3 has manufacturers such as Kronospan (Chopra), the Kalevala, Mogilev, Basic. The FC construction plywood, polished Plywood, Plywood grooved. WBP water resistant. Call and order!