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The Smart lab complex for a cafe/restaurant on the basis of 1C program and services

Offer type: salePublished: 11.12.2023
Price:11 957 UAH
Seller:Tkachuk Pavel
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
A full range of restaurants and cafes, front-office and back-office, and, if necessary, the electronic menu. And services to implement and configure the hardware and software.

Front office SmartTouch - modern solution the front-office (POS). Automation of restaurants, cafes and bars on the basis of the program SmartTouch - it's easy, fast and efficiently. Program for restaurant SmartTouch implemented on the platform of 1C Enterprise 8.2 integrated with the accounting system of SmartAccounting restaurant and hotel management system SmartHotel and sanatorium. Has modes of operation of the restaurant and fast food.
Thanks to the many settings and functions the program, restaurant automation is implemented in a comprehensive and includes all stages of the enterprise.

Main features:

Meals and orders

There is no limit on the number of dishes
Support names of dishes in 2 languages
Supports unlimited number of menus
Support images of dishes on the screen
Unlimited number of modifiers of the dish
Modifiers required and on demand
The possibility of breaking dishes on codes
The view of the number and categories of guests
Account of the order in the context of contractors
Accounting of requests through the halls and tables
Consolidation of waiters for a specific room

The electronic menu on the tablet waiters

Cheque printing and payment

Monitoring print straczek and bills.
The ability to print different types of dishes of the order to different printers straczek
Overprint straczek in order
The possibility of filing a separate call when printing vstrechen to the shop with a large noise level
Work with the fiscal Registrar Datecs, MINI, FP-6, Marie
Various forms of payment: cash register, payment management, Executive, credit, etc.
Discounts and surcharges

Manual discounts and surcharges
Discounts and surcharges only on certain food categories dishes
Automatic discounts and surcharges for certain dishes/categories of food on certain days of the week
Mode automatically add the preset percentage service charge to order total. This mode can be enabled only for certain dishes and types of payment

Ability to complete work on the waiter's tablet - iPad, any tablet PC on the Android system, any tablet on Windows 8
System integration Mobile Reports - view online statistics of restaurant with your tablet. Summary and comparative statistics group restaurants
Discount system

Flexible discount system
Custom templates discount cards will allow you to work with any discount cards. This can be a map only of your restaurant, or any restaurant chain
A system of cumulative discounts
Automatic tracking of changes in the discount guest when they accumulate a certain amount
Module booking tables

The control window reservation tables
Automatic removal of expired armour
The ability to enter part of the reservation (list of dishes) with automatic filling of the new order on the basis of reservation

Back office and accounting system for catering establishments SmartAccounting on the basis of 1C: Enterprise 8.2

A functional accounting system for the restaurant complex. In addition to traditional accounting, tax and inventory can vlûčat in the unit of accounting for restaurant accounting hospitality services and block management accounting. Contains the mechanism of consolidation of management reporting with multiple objects in a common database.

All documents may be held in accounting, management or General accounting, which allows to automatically generate accounting and management reports. The programme is integrated with hotel management system SmartHotel and restaurant management system SmartTouch.