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Clothing for dogs. Food, vitamins for dogs and cats. Internet-shop of products for animals "8 paws and 2 tails".

Offer type: salePublished: 21.01.2016
Company:Internet-magazin "8 lap i 2 hvosta"
Seller:Suhovej Ol'ga
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

Dog clothes and cats trendy and stylish. Dry food for dogs and cats, canned food for animals, vitamins and treats for your Pets. Wide the range of dog clothes: jackets, overalls, raincoats, boots, hats, t-shirts, shirts, pants. As well as clothes for different breeds: clothing for pug, clothes for dachshunds. The range includes fur jumpsuits for naked dogs, that will warm your pet through the winter. In our online store products for animals can not only buy clothes but also sew it on your pet, for this you need to visit the section of Removed measurements, to measure your pet and send us the dimensions by email. And in the section Photogallery you will be able to post a photo of your pet in a new new thing. Can offer clothes not only for animals but for their owners! In the Section of Manual work You will get a t-shirt with a picture of Your pet. The image is applied manually. For small or older dogs, we offer to purchase reusable diapers, selecting the appropriate size and color. To preserve the excellent form you help Puller, it can be purchased in the section of Toys for dogs. And to give a beautiful Shine and care of wool get acquainted with the range and section Cosmetics for dogs , Cosmetics for cats and then your pet will win any show. Each client for us important, so we work all over the Kharkov. You can leave the house. Consultation with a canine, a veterinarian.We also work throughout Ukraine, under Payment and shipping can be found with this information. Each the customer when ordering on our website will receive a gift, our signature magnet. We glad to see You on our website.

Raduyte their Pets and they will thank you the same!