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Manual three-roll rollers PBC-1000

Offer type: продамPublished: 19.01.2017
Price:12 995 UAH
Seller:Dmitrij Dmitrij
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Address:Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv, Ukraine

Manual three-roll rollers RCS-1000 necessary for the manufacture of pipes and gutters of different diameters in water drainage systems, ventilation systems, etc.
Arm rollers are removable, can be placed either on the right or left of the work area.
Rollers mounted on a massive welded steel support, which gives the machine high rigidity and stability.
Easy removal of the workpiece is implemented through an outlet of the upper shaft to the side.
Also the machine is equipped with a table for easy location of tools.
To work one person.


- The length of the bendable parts - 1050 mm;
- Rolls diameter - 60 mm;
- Maximum thickness - 0.8 mm;
- Minimum workpiece diameter - 70 mm;
- Overall dimensions:
- length: 1250 mm;
width: 575 mm;
- height: 1220 mm.

It is possible to manufacture rollers with the length of the working area 1300 and 2000 mm.