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RDF - reducers pressure filter, regulate and automatically maintain the air pressure required for the individual supply of pneumatic automation equipment and systems, and cleaning it from dust, oil and moisture. Used in machine building, oil, sugar, chemical industry and other industries.
THE 25.02.1898-75.

The gear is used to supply compressed air to one device or control loop and is designed to operate at ambient temperatures from minus 50 to plus 60 0C and relative humidity up to 95% at a temperature of 35 0C and at lower temperatures, without condensation.

Gearing refers to the recovered single-channel single-function products.

The principle of action

The gear - combo compact device which cleans the air by passing it through a filter consisting of ultrasupermega glass fiber, 3 and 4 classes of filter material FRR-15-1,5, regulated air pressure automatically maintaining it at a given level (changing the pressure supply

The gearbox is manufactured in four versions:

RDF-M-first degree of cleaning with pressure gauge;
RDF-3M2 - first degree of cleaning without pressure gauge, but with muted Retrovir hole gauge.