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Repair of air and gas compressors

Offer type: salePublished: 03.08.2023
Company:OOO PKP 'Gazsel'stroj LTD'
Seller:Aleksandr Yur'evich
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Address:Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv, Ukraine
Repair of air and gas compressors
Repair piston compressor LLC MCC "Hasselstrom LTD" carries out repair of air and gas compressors from different manufacturers. Qualified specialists carry out the repairs as for enterprise customers, and its own production base, equipped with the necessary machines, tools and equipment. Stock of the company always has a recommended list of spare parts for quick repair work.
The nomenclature of the equipment serviced
Manufacturer Brand compressor
JSC "Krasnodar compressor plant" , Krasnodar 2VM2,5-12/9; 2VM2,5-14/9; VP-10/8; IT-10/9; TIT-20/8; O.S.-20/9; WP/8; UP; UM
JSC "incompressible" ,Penza BB-6/9; W-9/9; W-20/9; VM-50/8/9; VM-63/9; VM-100/8/9; VM-120/9
JSC "Plant "the Wrestler" ,Moscow WM-24/9; VM-27/9; VM-54/3; UVM-36/9; GM-24/9; IT-30/8
OJSC Bezhetsk plant Avtospetsoborudovanie" C-415 C-416 C-M; K-3; CT-16; K-24
JSC "Compressor plant "Arsenal" ,Saint-Petersburg mill No. 55; GCP-BOO-5/0,7; GCP-PV
JSC "Compressores",Kazan W-25/9; W-32/9
JSC "machine-building Plant" , Chita HB-10E; PV-10/M
JSC "NPAO VNII compressores" , Sumy, Ukraine VK-ND; VC-VD; UKVSh-10/AU; GW-7/8; XB-3,8; HS-3,8; BB-32/MO; BP; VG
JSC "turbo-mechanical plant" , Poltava, Ukraine DCC-5,25; CT-6; AQUA-0,8/9; PC-3.5; GDP-4,5/7; PKSD-5.25 D; APCO-1,10
CJSC "Disorderly" , Melitopol, Ukraine WW-5/9; CTU-5M
JSC "Tashkent plant "Compressor" PR-6/8; PR-10/8; PR-12/8
"Argimmax" ,Yerevan, Armenia WU-3/8; WU-5/4; WU-2,5/13
"Factory finishing and construction machines", Vilnius, Lithuania W; CO-7B; CO-243
CJSC "Remez" ,Rogachev,Belarus VK-15; VK-40; VK-100; SB/S-100.AV
JSC "Dalenergo" , Khabarovsk K-250, TCA 275, 350, 500
This item shows the basic model of compressors that does not preclude the maintenance of their various modifications.
Compressor with all interstage equipment and communications is the unit he belongs to the repaired products. When operating reliability is maintained and restored periodically by maintenance and preventive repairs.
For compressors, it is recommended to install the following types of maintenance and repair.
1. Technical inspection (O) - stopping the compressor for inspection, cleaning, and adjustment of its systems. Repair I replacement parts n units as a rule, is not produced.
2. Repairs (T) is caused by need of repair or replacement of certain wearing parts and Assembly units.
3. Average repair (C) is caused by need of repair and replacement of individual units n parts of the compressor,
4. Major repairs - repairs carried out to restore the resource with the replacement or repair of parts and Assembly units, including a base, and recovering the passport clearances .
Scheduled repairs should be carried out in accordance with the schedule and the actual operating time of installation.