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The motor D-32 127V 24 rpm, 72 rpm, FDLR-32-15-2 NF 220V Ob/min

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The motor D-32 127V 24 rpm, 72 rpm, FDLR-32-15-2 NF 220V Ob/min

The motor FDLR-32-15-2 UHL 220V Ob/min
The motor D 127V 24 rpm
The motor D 127V 72 rpm

synchronous multi-phase FDLR-32-15-2 with gear and without gear, powered by a single-phase AC frequency 50 or 60 Hz, reliable unidirectional start without any devices that are used in instruments and tools, industrial automation and consumer appliances, electric, time.

The mode of operation of the motor FDLR-32-15-2 long S1 according to GOST 183-74 or intermittent with frequent starts with the activation time (PT) 60% and frequency of inclusion in hour to 3600. Types of environmental performances of engines UHL 4 and 04 with the upper pressure value of the ambient temperature 60°C

The motor FDLR-32-15-2
The supply voltage, V: 220
Frequency, Hz: 50; 60
Rated speed, rpm: 2
Rated torque, N*m: 0,1500
Maximum torque, N*m : 0,2000
Power consumption, not more, W: 2,7
Weight, kg, not more: 0,165

The Motor D-32

The use of motor D-32
Asynchronous motor with condenser built-in gear D is intended for use in the system industrial instrumentation and automation.

The mode of operation of the motor D-32, D-32(P1)
The engine is manufactured in standard execution is designed to operate at ambient temperatures from 5 to 60 OC and the upper value of relative humidity of 80% at 35 OS and lower temperatures without moisture condensation.
Supply voltage: 127
Frequency, Hz: 50