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Offer type: salePublished: 24.05.2017
Price:400 000 RUR
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
Kroon, cell BOC, BOC-6, Kroon-10 Cabinets SCC-6(10),KRN-10(6), BOC-6(10), KRU-6(10) outdoor installation, two-way service with fixed equipment. The vacuum switches type: VBAM, EBP, BBOPS and BB|PHONE up to 1000 A. RZA on Electromechanical relays, in coordination possible execution on a microprocessor-based devices type SPAC, "Sirius", "BMRT" and "Orion" and other SCC-6(10), BOC-6(10), KRU-6(10) intended for picking KTP-35/6-10, detached RU-10(6) kV and expansion of existing KTP-35/6-10 kV. It is possible to supply SCC-6(10), BOC-6(10), KRU-6(10) assembled on the frame as a single unit up to 6 cabinets for switchgear 10(6) kV full factory readiness (with diagrams input line sectionalizing switch with Alt, TN, TSN).