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Bagged cement for Your repair!

Offer type: salePublished: 30.01.2015
Seller:Glazunov Aleksej
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Address:Russian Federation
The company Cemex carries out wholesale deliveries of cement leading
manufacturers for trading and construction companies
Moscow and the Moscow region. For You a wide range of products,
affordable prices and high quality!
PC-500 D20 (Flex) - 207 R/50kg
PC-600 D0 (CimSa) - 645 p/50kg
PC-500 D0 (DeLuxe) - 267 p/50 kg
PC-400 D20 (DeLuxe) - 252 R.,219 p/50 kg,40 kg
We provide timely delivery trucks in Moscow and the Moscow region (the minimum order quantity from tn.). Possible pickup from 30 units.