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For treatment of fuel
Biocontrol MAR-71. Biocide for fuels and lubricating oils.
Burnaid. Organic combustion improver.
Dieselite. The catalyst combustion and modifier ash.
Dual Purpose Plus. Additive to improve combustion efficiency and exhaust gas emissions.
Fuelcare. Additive to improve fuel preparation prior to combustion.
Gamabreak. Separator-fuel emulsion.
Soot Remover. Dry remover soot and scale.
Soot Remover Liquid. Liquid for removal of soot.
Valvecare. Additive to improve combustion efficiency and exhaust gas emissions.
For boiler water treatment
Alkalinity Control. Concentrated liquid alkali for the treatment of boiler water.
Autotreat. Air conditioning water treatment in boilers with pressure above 30 bar.
Boiler Coagulant. Conditional additive to prevent deposits in the boiler water.
Cat. Sulphite L. sulfite Catalyst liquid for rapid oxygen scavenging in boiler systems.
Combitreat. Universal conditioning additive for boiler water boilers low pressure (20 bar).
Condensate Control. Liquid additive for boiler systems, reducing corrosion in the condensate.
Hardness Control. Phosphate additive for boiler water.
Liquitreat. Universal liquid conditioning additive for boiler water boiler pressures up to 30 bar.
Oxygen Control. Hydrazine powered solution for oxygen cleaning of boilers.
Oxygen Scavenger Plus. The solution to remove oxygen from boiler water.
For cooling water treatment
Cooltreat Al. Liquid corrosion inhibitor for cooling systems.
Dieselguard NB. Corrosion inhibitor for cooling water.
Mar-71 Biocide. Biocide to prevent the development and growth of microorganisms in water systems and lubrication systems.
Rocor NB Liquid. Liquid corrosion inhibitor for cooling water.
For processing evaporators
Vaptreat. The fluid processing evaporators.
For processing sea water
Bioguard. Liquid additive antifouling systems sea water.
For treatment of drinking water systems
Potable Water Stab. Control scale formation and corrosion in hot water systems, and other odnoproletny water systems.
Marine chemistry for cleaning and maintenance of equipment and premises
ACC Plus. Non-toxic cleaner for air coolers and turbochargers.
Air Cooler Cleaner. Cleaner for air coolers and turbochargers in operation.
Aquabreak PX. Degreaser General use water-based.
Aquatuff. Powerful alkaline cleaner General purpose.
Bilgewater Flocculant. Agent for treatment of oily bilge water.
Carbon Remover. Powerful cleaner to remove stubborn carbon deposits.
Carbonclean LT. Non-lethal solvent cleaner to remove stubborn carbon deposits.
Carpet Cleaner. The mud cleaner for all types of rugs and carpets.
Cleanbreak. Samoraspadayutsya cleaner for engine rooms and cargo tanks.
Coldwash HD. Degreaser General purpose and cleaner tanks.
Commissioning Cleaner. Cleaner new boilers and cooling systems.
Defoamer Concentrate. Foaming concentrate.
Descalex. Powdered acid to remove scale and rust.
Descaling Function Liquid. Liquid acid to remove scale and rust.
Disclean. Marine chemistry for cleaning disks separator.
Electrosolv-E. Purifier equipment.
Foam Agent. Foam additive to increase the effectiveness of cleaning chemicals.
Fore & Aft. Cleaner for public and residential areas.
HP Wash. Concentrated detergent for washing machines.
Metal Brite. Means for rust removal.
Metal Brite HD. Means for rust removal and plaque with metal.
Natural Handcleaner. Hand cleaner.
Penetron Plus. Penetrating oil quick action.
Reefer Cleaner. Cleaner refrigerating chambers.
Teak Renewer. Means for cleaning and polishing of wooden decks.
Unitor USC. Cleaner water-based cleaning in ultrasonic baths.
Uni Wash. Detergent General purpose.
Zinc Coat Conditioner. Cleaner zinc coatings.
For cleaning of holds
Alkleen Liquid. Strong alkaline cleaner tanks.
Alkleen Safety Liquid. Non-caustic alkaline cleaner.
Enviroclean. Degreaser and cleaner tanks.
Mud & Silt Remover. Graceadelica for ballast tanks and water systems.
Seaclean. Cleaner tanks double bottom.
Seaclean Plus. Cleaner tanks and degreaser.
To combat oil spills
Seacare Ecosperse. Dispersant spilled petroleum products.
Seacare EPA. Dispersant to combat oil spills.
Seacare OSD. Product for dispersion of oil spilled in the sea or in port.
Biological products, marine chemistry
Gamazyme 700FN. Biological stimulator for sewage plants and systems.
Gamazyme BOE. The odor remover
Gamazyme BUB. Biological urinal blocks
Gamazyme BTC. Biological cleaner for toilets.
Gamazyme Digestor. Cleaner editions of and apparatus for grinding waste
Gamazyme DPC. Biological cleaner sewage systems and pipelines.
Gamazyme FC. Biological product for the removal of fat from the deck of the galley.
Gamazyme MSC. Multipurpose cleaner deodorizer carpet.
Gamazyme Toylet Descaler (TDS). Cleaner for free systems.
SPECTRAPAK 309 - COOLING WATER TEST KIT. The test set cooling water
SPECTRAPAK 310 - BOILER WATER TEST KIT. The test set boiler water.
SPECTRAPAK 315 - BOILER WATER TEST KIT. The test set boiler water.
The delivery of professional marine chemistry
- additives for boiler water
- additives for cooling water
- additives for evaporator
- antifouling additives
- detergents and cleaners
biochemical cleaners
- marine chemistry for cleaning tanks
- additives for fuels and oils
Express-laboratory for chemical analysis of water
- reagents for chemical analysis
+79217437698, (812)658-12-82