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I'm from Earth, I just-Sphynx...

Offer type: salePublished: 28.01.2015
Seller:Zabirova Nataliya
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These cats are very inquisitive and love to be the center of attention. They prefer the company of people, but get along well with dogs and other cats. Perhaps Sphynx is not for every owner, but this is a unique cat. This is not "the cat that walks by himself", rather, it is a loyal dog. Sphynx are different colors, but color is determined by pigment of the skin. Kittens are very large and open ears, large and slightly compostelana eyes, oval paws with long toes and thick pads. It should be noted that addictive cats to certain kinds of food is formed at an early age. Some owners are starting to bring their Pets, allow the same error: feed the kitten a variety of delicacies from their own Desk or intended for cats treats in abundance are sold in pet stores. Of course, over time the animal gets used to it and refuses the usual food, requiring the owner treats, and often arranging while these scandals. That's why the cat owner should not indulge it. Give your pet treats should only sporadically or as an incentive. The delicacies you should feed your cat only after she would eat the main food. Our kittens are getting the right nutrition in the first days of life. Sphynx cattery "Scorpion" offers kittens, grown with love, not the cell contents. Any time you will find in the Nursery worthy of a kitten. In "Scorpion" no unplanned litters, all kittens from titled parents, upon request, all documents. Children clean, neat, properly use the tray, affectionate and sociable. Grown with love and attention, with a good mentality. Vaccinated according to their age. Kids will bring to Your home comfort and joy!; skype: cat-sar291;; +79093373303; Natalia