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Offer type: salePublished: 27.01.2015
Stekloproekt is a fiberglass rod of circular cross section formed by pulling reinforcing glass fibre materials through a heated shaping die plate, for ease of use and longer life subsequently coated with a special wear-resistant material. Production technology allows us to ensure the content of the reinforcing fibers in stekloproekt up to 80%, which gives it good flexibility 1. binder filler;
2. reinforcing fiberglass;
3. radial reinforcing fiberglass;
4. poliestere floor
Ultrasonic testing (torque device cable) is a drum with a rod located on the transport and operational truck. The ends of the rod are equipped with lugs threaded to attach various accessories: guide head, compensator rotation, connecting tubes, tips loops and other Stekloproekt in the DCU (torque device cable) is used to tighten the cables for various purposes in cable ducts, pipelines , tightening the Internet, cable, telephone, and telecommunication cables, electric cables, CCTV and burglar alarm, intercom, etc. is Also used when carrying out work on the device of municipal sewage pullback in mortgage pipes and organization of hidden channels in homes. Due to the dielectric properties of fiberglass, ultrasonic inspection can be used when laying cables in existing installations, the floor panel panels and other Stekloproekt used for tightening:
Internet cable (UTP);
Cable CCTV;
Electrical cables;
Telecommunication cables;
Fiber-optic cable;
Security systems;
Intercom cable;
Fire safety.