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Hostel in the center of Moscow with a constant load

Offer type: salePublished: 26.01.2015
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
Sell profitable hostel. The hostel is the second year and has a stable occupancy rate and customers. Current indicators:
•Revenue 730000
•Rent 335000
•Staff salaries 56000
•Communal and taxes 44000
•Consumables and raw materials 45000
•Profit 250000
The hostel is located in non-residential premises on the 1st floor of a 9 storey building. Consists of 8 rooms and kitchen and reception. All furniture, linens, etc. are new. Connected and stably operating the reservation system )island, Booking, Your hotel, Octago connected online data transfer to FMS. The hostel has a stable occupancy rate and brings a steady income.
You can shoot the same location in the same doorway from the same owner.
Opportunities for development: the current occupancy rate at the expense of Russian citizens. Entering the international reservation system and run English-language website, the profit can be increased by 40-50 %. Or when increasing advertising within the country.
After the sale possible advice and the transfer of all the possible intricacies of this business.
Hostel for sale due to divorce and the need for division of property.