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Cleaner heap samoperedelny SVG-25

Offer type: salePublished: 05.10.2021
Seller:Logvin Aleksandr Anatol'evich
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Address:Orikhiv, Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast'
Cleaner heap samoperedelny SVG-25 capacity 25 t/h is suitable for cleaning coming from fields of grain heap of grains, cereals, legumes, maize, sorghum, sunflower, rapeseed from impurities in open currents in all agricultural zones of the country. Grain cleaning is performed as an adjustable air flow and brushes and sieves, allowing you to get more high quality grain than in separators known manufacturers.
SVG-25 also produces pre-treatment of sugar beet seeds and castor on special devices. The machine can be used to prelipceanu grain pit width up to 4.5 m
The main advantages of SVG-25 in comparison with other grain cleaning machines:
SVG-25 is self-propelled and stationary grain cleaning machine and does not require any additional costs to its introduction into service (aggregated with tractors, construction Managers, elevators, solving problems with loading grain in a grain cleaning machine, drain purified fractions of food and feed grains, and so on ).
SVG-25 is a mobile grain cleaning machine and can easily be moved to another current, granary or even in another economy. This is especially true for households that have several grain currents or granaries, as the usage of SVG-25 allows you to save a lot of money on the construction of several of the Managers or the purchase of other fixed grain cleaning machines.
Large capacity - 25 t\h
High quality cleaning through the use of not only adjustable air flow (as in separators), but clean grain in SVG-25 also sieves and brushes.
The minimum cost of electricity for cleaning of grain in SVG-25 - 0,38 kW/h per 1 ton
Using SVG-25 allows the cleaning of grain to produce its drying.
SVG-25 unlike other grain cleaning machines can independently without the help of sinamatella, forklifts, elevators, etc. to load grain in the body of a vehicle or trailer.
During operation allied-25 does not require expensive maintenance.
Grain cleaning machines SVG-25 are extremely reliable grain cleaning machines, but even in the event of a breakdown parts for SVG-25 can be purchased everywhere.
Buying SVG-25 production plant of agricultural machinery You will get an affordable, reliable and highly efficient grain cleaning machine.