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Repair parts tractor-trailer 2PTS-4, 2PTS-6

Offer type: salePublished: 06.10.2021
Seller:Logvin Aleksandr Anatol'evich
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Address:Orikhiv, Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast'
We offer a wide range of spare parts for tractor trailers 2pts-4 , 2pts-6.
The turning circle
Wheel hub Assembly with bearings 2PTS-4
Hub with studs 2PTS-4
Hub naked 2PTS-4
Spring 2PTS-4
Beam front axle with flanges and pillows (naked) 2PTS-4
Beam rear axle flange and pillows (naked) 2PTS-4
Beam front axle Assembly with flanges, cushions and brackets (hub 2, the drum 2, the brake shield-2pcs, Torm. fist-2pcs) PTS.5
Beam axle rear Assembly with hubs, flanges and pillows 2PTS-4.5
Beam front axle Assembly with hubs, flanges, cushions and brackets PTS.5
Stud on the hub (galvanized) 2PTS-4
Nut cone 2pts-4
Wheel nut 2pts-4
Crane limit the tilting platform
The drive wheel (wheel rim internal) 2PTS-4
The drive wheel (wheel rim outer) 2PTS-4
The hydraulic cylinder Assembly (3 rod) 2PTS-4
Wiring Assembly with lights 2PTS-4
The shaft 2PTS-4
Ladder springs 2PTS-4
Receiver Assembly (air balloon) 2PTS-4
Head connection (type B) 2PTS-4
Air brakes 2PTS-4
Luggage brake 2PTS-4
Shield brake (pads and fractional cover spring Assembly) 2PTS-4
The brake lever (adjustment) 2PTS-4
Brake manual B-
Tube brake chamber B-
The tube on the receiver B-
The flexible hose from the distributor B-
The flexible hose front brake B-
Hose flexible intermediate B-
The flexible hose front B-
Tee 2PTS-4
Drum brake 2PTS-4
Axle front PTS
Axle rear 2PTS-4
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