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Parts SVG-25

Offer type: salePublished: 06.10.2021
Seller:Logvin Aleksandr Anatol'evich
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Address:Orikhiv, Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast'
Unit gear reducer OGB
Conveyor chain vertical
Eccentric OGB
The head of the connecting rod HEAD
Tape sieves cleaner torrent
The air ring part OVI
Wheel gear Z=82 OGB
The bearing housing on the cleaner torrent
The bearing housing hmm
The gearbox housing
The housing lower section OVI
Ferrule receiving chamber
The bearing receiving chamber
the coupling stationary gear OVI
The coupling OVI
The movable coupling gear OVI
The slider mechanism cleaning Reshetov
Cyclone separator air part OVI
Gearbox progress OVI
Repair kit gearbox progress
Roller OVI
Section shipping bare bottom
Section shipping top naked
Case clean grain auger
The body of the mill OVI
Bearing cap OGB
Bearing cap
Gear cover
Tear, the fist corps mill OGB
Tray air part OVI
The lifting mechanism OVI
Coupling tear, the fist
Section boot bare bottom
Section boot top naked
Washer mechanism-cleaning sieves
Washer toothed friction OVI
Gear gear Z=17
Gear gear Z=17 purifier torrent
Bevel gear reducer feeder Z=29
The tension pulley
The pulley of the engine of the infeed conveyor
The pulley OVI
The pulley 2 brook loading conveyor
The pulley reducer engine stroke
The pulley of the electric motor drive auger
The pulley cleaner torrent
The pulley conveyor shipping
The pulley eccentric shaft
Auger waste
Auger clean grain
The rod mechanism of the cleaning sieves OVI Assembly
Scraper conveyor Assembly
The shaft lower section of the conveyor feed
The drive shaft brushes OVI
The shaft of the infeed conveyor
Shaft loading conveyor
Shaft gear OVI
Shaft cleaning sieves OGB
The shaft of the cleaning mechanism Reshetov
The idler sprocket Z=16
asterisk OGB Z=7
sprocket Z=12
sprocket auger clean grain Z=7, t=38.01
The countershaft sprocket OVI
Sprocket Z=7
The asterisk in the lower section Z=8,t=38.0
The asterisk in the lower section
The sprocket of the conveyor feed
Auger inlet chamber
Auger waste for cleaner torrent