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Experts SAURON recognized Motorola DS9208 the most functional scanner

Offer type: salePublished: 23.01.2015
Technical experts SAURON tested unique scanner from Motorola DS9208 and concluded that this model is one of the most functional on the market.
The scanner has a wide range of scanning capabilities. First of all, it is noted that the device is capable of reading linear and two-dimensional barcodes any modification with a variety of media - paper, mobile devices or computers.
It also has a function of reading a particular barcode from a given list, and the function of simultaneously reading group barcode. Motorola DS9208 also equipped with manual and automatic control of the process of reading. Despite its diminutive dimensions, the scan area is not at all diminished, which is achieved due to the large spherical box, conveniently located on the frame. Buy scanner in SAUTRON.
The design combines simplicity, elegance and ergonomics. Adjusted body shape and compact size make it easy to position the device in the hand and pleasing appearance will allow the scanner to harmoniously fit into any interior.
Working with the device also does not cause difficulties. According to the feedback of employees warehouses, DS9208 greatly facilitates their work, because it has the ability to work in both manual and stationary modes, allowing you to scan barcodes of bulky goods, eliminating the need for lifting.
Employees of the production sector was highly appreciated by the strength of the scanner - DS9208 can withstand up to 36 drops to concrete from a height of up to 1.5 meters. Special design protects the scanning window from scratching, chipping and other damage.
In SAUTRON note that Motorola DS9208 has class protection from moisture and dust, which corresponds to the standard IP 50, which prevents the penetration of water and dust and also protects the model from the consequences of touching live parts.