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Corn seeds DKS 3511 Monsanto

Offer type: salePublished: 22.01.2015
Seller:Nikolaevich Viktor
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Corn seeds DKS 3511 Monsanto to buy with FREE delivery across Ukraine.
Seeds of maize hybrid DKC 3511
Mid FAO 330
The originators:
Monsanto Company (USA)
Recommended for sowing in the forest-Steppe, Steppe zone and Polesie.
Universal hybrid for all growing areas.
Approbation of the characteristics of hybrid corn:
The plant has potent stem height 240-270 cm, leaves polyurethene yellow - green color, very strong root system. The cob form: variable shape, the stem of medium length. The height of attachment of the ear 90 - 100cm, length of cob 22 - 24cm, diameter 4.5 - sm Grain yellow, dent type.
Biological characteristics of maize seeds:
Hybrid maize belongs to the intermediate group, characterized by early flowering. Stability and ductility is high. Has a high drought tolerance. Resistant bubble smut and lodging resistance. Tolerant to major diseases. Has a high content of starch and protein. Adapted to different growing conditions. With a balanced mineral nutrition achieves excellent yields, responds to high doses of fertilizers strong growth yields.
Pre-harvest density plants thousand pieces/ha:
arid zone 45-50 thousand plants/ha
the areas with sufficient moisture is 65-70 thousand plants/ha
for silo - 75-85 thousand plants/ha
Seeds of maize hybrid DKC 3511
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