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The best semi-industrial label printer Zebra 105SL

Offer type: salePublished: 20.01.2015
Technical experts of the company SAURON come to very interesting conclusions, testing semi-industrial label printer - Zebra 105SL.
The model can hardly be called a new product on the market, but, nevertheless, the device has gained wide popularity in areas such as manufacturing and logistics, as well as the field of inventory control.
Primarily, this is due to the considerable productive capabilities of the device. Featured "print" the load, according to expert estimates, ranges from 7500 to 22,000 labels per day, which is surely a record for a model of this class. Moreover, the device is equipped with one of the most reliable mechanisms printhead, which not only ensures a consistently high rate of printing, but is stable even under conditions of high dust content. To purchase the printer at SAURON.
Zebra 105SL called among the most essential models for use in the industrial sector. The housing is made of metal, the design of the printer is also equipped with metal parts, which increases the durability of the printer.
Among the main features Zebra 105SL in SAUTRON identified as the following:
- Multiple connectivity options (RS232, Centronics,Ethernet, and USB);
- The ability to print in 2 modes: thermal and thermal transfer;
- Simplified management process (all the information about the status of the printer, the consumables is displayed on the display device, which can be customized to individual user requests);
- Unique printhead Element Energy Equalizer allows you to work with subtle ribbons as well as to print on the materials of various types.
Thus, Zebra 105SL can be called reliable, productive device with high wear resistance and low price. The model is ideal for operation in industrial environments and for use in trade, stock, Express delivery, postal services, etc.