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Stationary electric jet addict ZPM-50. Threading machine

Offer type: salePublished: 20.01.2015
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Address:Republic of Belarus
Power consumption: 750W / 220V Range threading: 1/2 - 2", M8 - M24 Speed: 27 rpm./min. Weight: 74 kg Comes with a set of dies
Stationary electric jet addict ZPM-50
Power consumption: 750W / 220V
The range of threading: 1/2 - 2", M8 - M24
Speed: 27 rpm./minutes
Weight: 74 kg
Comes with a set of dies
12 months warranty.
LLC "PROM-Bel offers a Tapping machine is a professional tool to create thread increased accuracy. It is equipped with various devices to hold and clamp parts, gear part of the gearbox, hedonimeter, automatic oil supply, bed, etc.
To ensure high quality thread, you must use professional threading tools: tapping machine, gymnadenia, resipiratory, thread and worm grinding machines. To handle different types of thread applies appropriate processing methods, as well as tapping machines and tapping tool. To create external threads are threaded cutters (dies), which Cams are mounted in a die head, and depending on the settings of the adjustment of the depth and thread pitch on different diameters of pipes and round steel.