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Warm floor Green life in Bishkek

Offer type: salePublished: 19.01.2015
Seller:Green Life Maksat
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The official representative of warm floors "Green Life"
in Kyrgyzstan LLC Interplus".
, Bishkek. St kulatova-14, TVC "BAUMARKT", SAS-B-13.
tel: +996 312 90 28 89 Fax: +996 312 90-28-87 mob +996 559 55 90 90
e-mail: website:
Warranty 15 years!
A service life of over 50 years!
Installation for 2 hours!
Installation on any floor surface - concrete, wood, etc!
Installation under laminate flooring, parquet flooring, linoleum and carpet!
Installation under tile, porcelain tile and plate!
Installation on floors, walls, ceilings!
Not required to fill screed!
Consumption 60-70 Wat/m kV!
Temperature warms up to 60-70° C!
Power 220V!
Works as BASIC and ADDITIONAL heating!
What is a heating film Green Life?
Warm film Green Life is a flexible teploizolaciya film on the basis of far infrared rays to 90.4% and a wavelength of 5 to 20 microns, is a layer of natural graphite and copper-silver conductors embedded in two thick Mylar film. Under the influence of electricity, graphite converts electrical energy into heat energy.
Installing Underfloor Green Life will save You from:
1-the need for additional insulation of the floor.
2-breeding dirt in the house associated with the delivery of screening, cement and solution preparation.
3-fill screed, consuming a lot of energy and require additional costs.
4-need to wait 30 days for complete drying of the screed, and in the winter time increase in 1,5-2 times.
5-cost of insulation in 2-3 times.
Install floor Green Life for laminate, parquet flooring, linoleum and carpet
1. Insulating layer
2. Warm floor Green Life
3. Ground (foil tape)
4. Protective film (PVC or GE) intake
5. The floor
Install floor Green Life under the tile
1. Insulating layer
2. Ground (foil tape)
3. Warm floor Green Life
4. Fiberglass mesh with cells from 5 to 20 mm
5. Tile adhesive
6. Tile