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Telescope bresser has Pluto 114/500 EQ SKY

Offer type: salePublished: 19.01.2015
Seller:Ivanov Alexandr Tsena: 5300grn
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Reflector Newton bresser has PLUTO 114F500 EQ-SKY best for people who love to travel, not forgetting the telescope at home. With a slight decrease maximum increase, achieved a more compact size and great value aperture 1:4,3. It is the latter option ensures that the sharpness and contrast of the image inherent in the more expensive and bulky models. You will be able to discern more clearly the contours of the craters on the moon with a diameter of 5 km, the polar caps of Mars, the Cassini gap in the rings of Saturn, star weak glow (up to 12.5 magnitudes). Uranus and Neptune will appear in the form of disks. The nebula around the constellations Lyra and Orion, and more distant, located at a distance of thousands of light years from Earth will become available to Your eye as a bright enough contrast spots.
Point the viewfinder is much easier pointing device over the desired object, and Equatorial mount telescope mechanisms subtle movements will allow you to easily make observations of the diurnal motion of objects in the sky. A large set of accessories will facilitate monitoring and make them more exciting and detailed. With the location of the heavenly bodies also can be found in the attached disk maps of the night sky and other benefits.
It is often impossible to achieve the desired visibility of space objects in urban flare, and smog. The compact size of the pipe simplify transportation that will ensure a memorable observation space outside Your home. Bresser has will open You up to new worlds.
· Magnification : 20 to 375 times
· Maximum useful magnification: 228 times
· Lens diameter, mm : 114
· Diameter of an eyepiece, mm : 31,75
· Focal length, mm : 500
· Resolution : 1,23 seconds
· Penetrating power : 12,4 magnitudes
· Eyepieces : 4 mm, 9 mm and 25 mm
· Viewfinder : LED with point-blank
· Barlow lens : 3x zoom
· Inverting lens : 1.5 x
· Moon filter
· Compass
· Software