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Agri film Rani Plast

Offer type: salePublished: 13.01.2015
AB Rani Plast OY(Finland) is the largest European company specializing in the production of packaging materials based on polymers for agriculture and food. High quality packaging of products is confirmed by many years of experience of its successful use in Europe, and in the last fifteen years many Russian farmers. The demand for consumables and spare parts will always be. The following are the most vital for agriculture packing materials that we can offer You:
Agri film Rani Plast
Agricultural season 2015
Stretch film "RANIWRAP for packaging and storage of silage
The film "RANIWRAP" is a three-layer co-extruded high-density polyethylene (LDPE) with a thickness of 25 μm, manufactured by special technology. The film has high barrier properties to oxygen permeability and resistance to ultraviolet radiation.
Haylage is the most nutritious forage for livestock and therefore are popular for feeding horses including elite breeds and dairy cows (vitamins contained in the silage, contribute to the increase in milk yield), because food prepared by a special process, using professional film Raniwrap, Raniwrap 32 PRO, can be compared only with the new-mown grass.
Three-layer PE silage film "SILOFILM"
The film provides protection from solar radiation (white layer reflects solar rays, black - absorbs) and can be used for shelter, and for vastlane bottom and sides of trenches.
When using special film for packing silage trenches, forage quality far exceeds the quality of ordinary silage (silage pit/tower), and feed wastage is minimal.
Vacuum silage film "SILOFILM transparent"
Subsurface silage film is recommended as an additional layer to the conventional thick film. Serves as a vacuum, sticks directly to the silo and reduces oxygen permeability, protecting the food from both sides.
Efficiency for silage quality increases, almost all food is stored, due to better oxygen barrier.
The above are the major materials produced by AB Rani Plast OY for for. All materials are made of primary high-quality European raw materials for the best European equipment at the plant AB Rani Plast OY Terijarvi Finland. All data on the thickness, width, length of the film roll are specified on the basis of assured and are delivered in exact accordance with the European standards. The products have the necessary certificates and used for decades in different climatic zones (from-50C to +50C). Also produce silage bags and tanks.,