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The log - roundwood obtained by transverse division of the trunk of the tree into pieces and intended for use without processing or as raw material for production of lumber. The log should be cut at both ends and free of knots. The bevel of the end of the log should not exceed the values established allowance. Depending on what part of the trunk is a beam, are distinguished: the butt log, obtained from the lower part of the trunk of the tree and includes his butt portion; a log of the median obtained from the middle part of the tree trunk; the beam vertex obtained from the upper part of the tree trunk. Depending on the thickness of the top piece without bark logs are divided into: log small-diameter from 6 to 13 cm, inclusive, when measuring with a scale of 1 cm; the log srednekamennogo from 14 to 24 cm, inclusive, when measuring with a scale of 2 cm; the log is large - from 26 cm or more, when measured with the gradation 2 see the Log also differ in length: korotkomernyh up to 2 m inclusive; the average length is from 2 to 6.5 m inclusive; long - more than 6.5 meters depending on the quality of the wood logs are divided into three grade