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Mоtоrоla presented the most rugged mobile computer

Offer type: salePublished: 13.01.2015
The company Mоtоrоla is not complacent and continues to surprise users with its high-tech innovations.
Not too long ago announced a mobile computer Motorola MC32N0 received substantial recognition, becoming the perfect embodiment of customers ' needs in a harmonious combination of functionality and security.
Convenient mobile computer has in its Arsenal the most modern technologies of analysis and data collection. According to experts, SAURON high performance device allows to increase efficiency of work.
One of the most outstanding advantages of the new products is a high degree of protection mobile computer from damage. The body has a high degree of strength that allows you to avoid negative consequences for MC32N0 after shock or numerous falls from a height up to 1 meter. Moreover, the mobile computer has been certified by leading independent experts, which proved that the terminal is protected from liquid spills and dust. To acquire a model you can SAURON.
In addition to excellent protection, the device has a number of innovative features that allow MC32N0 to take a worthy place in the Russian and foreign markets. Among these features such as:
- Improved integration with the Android OS by special permission from Mx Motorola Solutions;
- 3 configurations - rotating head, built-in scanner and pistol grips will help to improve the comfort of using the device during the scan;
- Unique combination battery / battery;
- Equipment model laser SE965 1D, which enables to perform the reading of the barcode with various modifications.
Experts SAURON recommend Motorola MC32N0 as one of the most functional, reliable and secure mobile computers today. The terminal is ideal for work in harsh industrial environments, and in the warehouse or in the office.