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Pyrolysis boilers "Bourgeois-upgraded power 12-32 kW

Offer type: salePublished: 11.01.2015
Seller:Andruhov Dmitrij
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Pyrolysis boilers Bourgeois To the upgraded line capacity 12-32 kW. Boilers of this line became even more convenient, reliable and efficient.
Using firebricks in the afterburning chamber and changing the direction of gas flows, combustion is now done more efficiently, and the efficiency reached values of 92%.
Strengthening the internal structure of the boiler with the use of refractory lining materials and heat-resistant stainless steel helped to make them even more reliable and durable.
The design of the upgraded boilers allows them to be more convenient in maintenance and repair. Stainless oxidants secondary air and refractory lining materials made removable, to facilitate their cleaning and easy replacement as they are normal wear and tear.
Additionally boilers can be equipped with a DHW circuit and the circuit of the thermal discharge.
Pyrolysis heating boilers "Bourgeois-K T-AN - T-AN with automatic traction control have maximum power 12-32 kW and is able to heat the space to 120-350 square meters*. Pyrolysis boilers heating is more convenient in operation, they provide automatic control over the flame, which allows to save the wood and Your time. Pyrolysis boilers heating operation does not require electricity. Pyrolysis boilers heating is simple to use and does not require special training to operate.
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