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Pyrolysis vostokovedenie boilers Bourgeois-K. factory Price! Click!

Offer type: salePublished: 11.01.2015
Seller:Andruhov Dmitrij
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Used for air heating of the heated space. Basically, the air heating is used in non-residential premises. For example: warehouse and production facilities, greenhouses, garages, workshops, summer houses.
Alternative use of pyrolysis vozduhoohrannyh boilers Bourgeois-It is used as heat generating units in the drying chambers. Using system adjusting the volume flow rate of air through the boiler heat exchanger, it is possible to adjust the temperature output from the boiler in the range from 60 to 300° C.
Vostokovedenie boilers can be supplied in two versions: the volume and channel.
1. In picking volume, the boiler is supplied without electric blower and heat insulation.
In this version vostokovedenie boilers must be applied in cases where the boiler is located in the heated space, small size and does not require distributing the heated air to other heated space. Heat in this case is transmitted from the body of the boiler and through the duct system.
2. In picking the channel, the boiler is equipped with electromagnetism and the thermal insulation of the boiler body.
In this version vostokovedenie boilers are used in cases when you need hot air to serve in other heated space, using a system of ducts. And the location of the boiler is a boiler.
Heating with the use of pyrolysis vozduhoohrannyh boilers Bourgeois-it's cheap and easy.
not required with the system of heating. And in most cases its value far exceeds the cost of the boiler;
eliminates the possibility of “unfreezing” of the boiler and the heating system when non-use;
if necessary, air heating initially, do not require an additional system with the use of the heater, the boiler itself creates the necessary air flow.
Thus, for heating, except vozduhoochistnogo boiler and chimney system is not required practically nothing.
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