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Diagnostic adapter TOYOTA MINI VCI J2534/TIS Techstream - 500 UAH.

Offer type: salePublished: 09.01.2015
Seller:Menedzher Igor'
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhia
Adapter for diagnostic of Toyota MINI VCI J2534/TIS Techstream (like Mongoose MFC).
Works with dealer software of Toyota TIS Techstream and is a quality similar to the official scanner Toyota Intelligent Tester II.
Used to diagnose electronic control systems for cars Toyota / Lexus / Scion, released in 1996 up to the present time.
The main advantage of the diagnostic adapter Toyota Mini VCI is its price which is less than the value of Intelligent Tester II with almost the same functionality.
Connects to the ECU via the OBD II (DLC3/J1962) connector. For cars of the early years of production with the diagnostic connector 22 pin adapter is used (not included).
The functionality of the adapter:
•Automatic identification of the connected car;
•Displaying parameters in real time (Current Data •Parameters, Data List);
•Read and clear fault codes (Diagnosis Trouble Codes DTC);
•Activation of actuators (Active Test);
•Displays the voltage signal from the voltage detector •Voltage Meter Probe);
•Ability to save all parameters in the time of the error (Snapshot);
•Programming of electronic control units and change the calibration data (ECUs).
Supported systems management:
•Control systems for gasoline and diesel engines (Engine );
•Controller for hybrid system (Hybrid Vehicle ECU);
•System control automatic transmission (ECT);
•Control system sequential gearbox (Sequental MT);
•Automatic clutch (Toyota Free-Tronic);
•Antilock braking system (ABS);
•Airbag (Airbag);
•Traction control (Traction Control);
•Air Suspension (Air Suspension);
•The electronically controlled suspension (EMS);
•Electro-hydraulic suspension (EHPS);
•Active air suspension with variable height of the body (AHC);
•Electronic power steering (EMPS);
•Power steering with variable ratio (VGRS);
•Cruise control system (CCS);
•Climate Control (Air Conditioning);
•Body electronics (Body);
•Body electronics 2 (Body Number 2);
•Body electronics 3 (Body Number 3);
•Body electronics 4 (Body Number 4);
•Body electronics 5 (Body Number 5);
•The controller of multiplex data bus (Gateway);
•Burglar alarm system (TDS );
•Rear Clearance Sonar);
•Rain sensor (Rain Sensor);
•Controller steering panel (Steering Pad);
•System of protection (Security );
•Control system mirrors (Mirror );
•Door controllers (Door);
•System STOP/START (Stop and Go);
•Control blocks seats (Seat);
•The control unit sliding sunroof (Slide Roof);
•The controller of the steering column (Tilt and Telescopic);
•Electronic instrument cluster (Meter);
•Monitoring system tire pressure (Combination Switch Tire Pressure Warning System);
•The control of the folding roof (Rtrctbl Hardtop);
•Controller wiper (Wiper).
Adapter Toyota Mini VCI supports the following protocols:
•K-Line ISO 9141;
•CAN ISO 15765-4;
•CAN 2.0 B, ISO 11898;
•KWP 2000 ISO 14230-4;
•SAE J1850 VPW;
•SAE J1850 PWM.
Package contents:
•CD with software.
Country of origin - China.
The manufacturer reserves the right to change product characteristics without prior notice.
Shipping paid by the Buyer upon receipt according to the tariffs of the carriers.
In the absence of the delivery month.