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Ultrasonic rodent repeller

Offer type: salePublished: 01.01.2015
Seller:koshelev aleksandr
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Address:Russian Federation, Altai Krai
Ultrasonic otpugivateli rodents-Difuntorum,Hail and Electrocat-BIOS, it is an effective means to deter rats, mice and other rodents in domestic and office buildings, warehouses, stores, and cargo holds of ships. The devices are designed for large areas. Pulse-frequency modulation radiated by the device of the ultrasonic signal does not allow rodents to adapt to the action of the repeller. Rodents experience anxiety and stress, lose the opportunity of interaction with the tribesmen, which starts behavioral reactions of self-preservation and the escape of animals from the protected repeller territory. Later in rodents a reflex avoid places subjected to ultrasonic impact. Given sufficient exposure disrupted livelihoods, leading to a dramatic decline in the population of rodents in the surrounding area.BEWARE OF CHEAP IMITATIONS!
I. P. Koshelev Alexander, Barnaul.
in Barnaul mage. "Unique Goods 31st Century, Brest-8,Popova-150-B