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SELL Syringe vacuum FREY KONTI E80(Germany)

Offer type: salePublished: 23.01.2014
Seller:Snabteh Boris
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast', Podol'sk
SELL Syringe vacuum FREY KONTI E80(Germany)2008 release with and shell holder.
Is used for the continuous filling, portioning and prakrutki all kinds of shells
Split boot funnel 25/100 liters
Performance content: up to 3.600 kg/h
The body of the machine, stand and hopper stainless steel
The total energy consumption of 6.0 kW
AC 400 V, 50Hz
The filling pressure 50 bar Max.
computer controlled LCD3
Liquid crystal display display information about the product
With memory for 100 programs, including programs for flowable fillings
Filing electronic pulse clipper
Portioning device
the portioning range 5-100.000 grams
speed portioning max 620 servings / per minute
speed portioning and duration of pauses smoothly adjustable
with counter portions, auto shutoff when generating portions, the first alignment portion and a reverse suction stuffing.