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A UPS with voltage regulation for boilers avalon, SinPro in Kiev, additional batteries.

Offer type: salePublished: 22.01.2014
Seller:Suhomlin Andrej
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast', Kyiv
Uninterruptible power supply for boilers with stabilization of the mains voltage m: (096) 248-05-17, phone: (044) 501-14-28; series avalon-Reserve: sinusoidal output voltage; wide input voltage range; the most effective suppression of all possible changes in the network voltage, including changes in the form and frequency; automatic charger with the control mode of the charge level of rechargeable battery, protection from overcharging; the ability to transient overload conditions required for starting modes, load-Reserve-M 250/450 from 1900 UAH. Uninterruptible power supplies SinPro: powered backup external battery 33 - 100 Ah and the correct shape of a sine curve SinPro 200-S910 from 1650 USD. Repair of voltage stabilizers, inverters, UPS systems, replacement batteries. Warranty and post-warranty service. Free delivery in Kiev, Ukraine on delivery.