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Pompeii oven, wood

Offer type: salePublished: 22.01.2014
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Address:Russian Federation
We offer you original Pompeian furnace of its own production, for making amazing delicious dishes, pizza and more!
For whom is this oven?
- If you are the owner of the restaurant with summer terrace, Pompeii oven will highlight your institution, because cooked her meals will not leave indifferent even the true gourmets. The hit of the holiday season - cooking food products in the eyes of the customer.
- If you have a house, Villa, cottage or you are just going to build it. Family celebrations and holidays, culinary family fights. You will make a lasting positive impression on your friends.
What is different from the traditional Russian stove?
From the Russian Pompeii oven features two structural features. First, the hearth has a dome-shaped arch, not cylindrical, without angles. Secondly, the Italian oven less massive. Pompeii oven is used exclusively for cooking, not for home heating.
What modifications furnaces we manufacture:
- Mobile furnace.
Mounted on a trailer, is indispensable for the provision of catering services (catering).
- Ready oven.
Have a complete unique appearance. Can be mosaic, curly plaster, frescoes.
- Built furnace.
Not have decorative cladding of the dome, mounted directly in the wall of the room.
Design, ergonomics, efficiency and culinary capabilities make Pompeii oven is much more advantageous in comparison with Russian.
The price of the furnace depends on such factors as:
- modification of the furnace;
- the presence or absence of cladding, mosaic, curly plaster, frescoes;
- dimensions of the furnace.
So call us and check by phone
Call now, because ready furnaces were only 3 pieces