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Mignon cartoon "Despicable me". in the range

Offer type: salePublished: 21.01.2014
Buy cool Mignon "Despicable me" in Kiev, and fast delivery in other cities of Ukraine - there is nothing easier. Order now we have a soft toy Mignon, which will impress Your child. Hero is a favorite of kids Mignon "Despicable me" is embodied in the form of case for IPhone 4,5, Slippers-minions, minions with suction Cup in the car or on the furniture, speaking Minions 3D eyes and other soft Toys-the minions have different heights: Mignon 18 cm, Mignon 25 cm and even 50 see Schastlivye Your child a useful purchase and a great gift. Price: 135 USD. possible opt.