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Starting gun Stalker-914

Offer type: salePublished: 21.01.2014
Seller:Polischuk Sergej
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Address:Ukraine, Khmel'nyts'ka Oblast', Khmel'nyts'kyy
Caliber: mm
Ammunition-Noise ammo
caliber 9mm
Barrel length: 85 mm
Length of gun: 154 mm
The height of the gun: 121mm.
The width of the pistol: 36 mm
The weight of a pistol with unloaded magazine: 630 gr.
The weight of a pistol, loaded: 700 gr.
Weight of loaded magazine: 130 gr.
Magazine capacity, rounds: 14 PCs+1
The trigger mechanism of a hammer type double action (SA/DA).
Barrel cast - tightly plugged by the manufacturer.
Fuse: manual, lever.
Materials : metal alloy, steel.
Equipment: pistol, brush for cleaning, expert opinion from the State scientific research forensic centre about no accessories to firearms.
1100 UAH.