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Table veterinary SVU

Offer type: salePublished: 20.01.2014
Seller:Poltava Medikos
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Address:Ukraine, Poltavs'ka Oblast', Poltava
- Maximum load capacity, kg 120
- Panel height above the floor level, mm
the minimum 645
- maximum 1000
- Panel size, mm (length X width),h
- Expansion of the panel in one pedal, 6 mm
- Dimensions of table mm Hg
Weight, kg, not more than 55
- Average service life, years, not less than 8
2. The device and principle of operation
2.2. The table is a modular design consisting of a stationary base, panels, levers, lifting / lowering of the panel and the hydraulic actuator, allowing the vertical movement of the panel with fixing the height selected.
2.3. The base of the table is mounted on four helical piers serving for panel mounting table level relative to the floor of the operating room.
On one of the pillars of the Foundation is swivel arm with a cartridge to install a large tray.
2.4. The table top consists of a tubular frame with vertical posts, which are part of the lever vertical movement of the panel.
The plane of the lying panel and its side walls sheathed with a sheet of corrosion-resistant steel (stainless steel). Under the panel there is a bracket with two rotatable cassettes for mounting small stainless trays. On the corners of the panel are four swivel mount bracket tripod stand. Under the panel, along its long sides evenly spaced staples and hooks, intended for fastening of the straps securing the animal's body during surgery.
2.5. The mechanism for lifting / lowering of the panel is located between the base and table top
and consists of a system of levers operated by a hydraulic drive. Bearing surface of the hydraulic drive is located on a rocking platform mounted on the base , and the push rod of the hydraulic actuator mounted on one of the rods connecting the rack base with a tubular vertical posts of the frame panel.
2.6. Management hydraulic - foot: repeatedly pressing the right foot pedal is the lift of the panel, by pressing the left pedal - smooth release ( to stop lowering the bar, enough to remove his foot from the pedal).