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we offer spare parts for cone crushers

Offer type: salePublished: 20.01.2014
Seller:Petrova Sof'ya
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we offer spare parts for cone crushers.
1.Armor cone No.'clock 1277.05.311-1∕2,weight kg for KMD-1750T
2.Sleeve №PM 1277.05.310,weight 300kg.for CFC-1750
3.Armor fixed №PM 1277.07.316-1∕2∕3,weight 1790 kg for KMD-1750T
4.Armor fixed №PM 1280.07.309-1∕2∕3,weight kg for CFC-1750
5.Armor cone No.'clock 1280.05.206-1∕2∕3,weight kg.for CFC-1750
6.Sleeve №1280 am.05.205,the weight of 140kg.for CFC-1750
7.Bed No. 1275.01.201,wesch. for CMD,DCC-2200
8.Armor cone No.'clock 1239.05.206-1,weight kg.for CMD,DCC-2200
9.Armor cone No. 1270 am.05.301-SB,weight kg.for KMD-2200 UAH
10.Armor No. 1240 am.07.102,weight kg.for KMD-T
11.Armor cone No. 1275.05.317-SB∕ No. 1275.05.708-3 , weight kg. for KMD-T
12.Armor fixed No. 1275.07.415-3 or No. 1275.07.429 ,weight kg. for KMD-T
13.Armor fixed No. 1273.07.307-1 or 1273.07.305-1,weight kg.for DCC-2200 UAH
14.The lower armor No. 1272.05.203-1,weight kg. for CFC-T
15.Stove shatter 3442. 830
16.Stove shatter 3442. 880
17.Stove shatter 3442. 960
18.Stove shatter 3452. 1340
19.Stove shatter 3452. 1900
20.Stove shatter 3452. 1640
21.Cone mobile crushing 48442.03.002 285
22.Cone mobile crushing 48442.02.004 340
23.The plate clamping cone crusher KMD-2200, drawing No. 1275.05.402, material - CT, weight - kg.
24.Plate crusher konoski KMD-T,drawing No. 1275.05.311,material-St,weight kg.
25.The housing ring # 1272.07.314-1,8400 kg for CFC-2200
26.The housing ring # 1275.07.416-1 kg for KMD-T
27.Sleeve cylinder No. 1277.01.303 SAT,kg. for KMD-1750
28.Sleeve cylinder No. 1275.01.305 SAT,kg.for KMD.DCC-2200
29.Sleeve conical No. 1275.03.301 SAT,310 kg.for KMD.DCC-2200
30.Sleeve conical No. 1277.03.301 SAT,kg.for KMD-1750
31.The spherical thrust bearing No. 1277.04.301 SAT,kg.for KMD-1750
32.The spherical thrust bearing No. 1275.04.304 SAT,kg.for CMD,DCC-2200
33.The Cam Assembly No. 1277.03.300 SAT,weight kg.including a toothed wheel No. 1277.03.304 weight kg. m 24, z=51,taper bushing wesch.and Cam No. 1277.03.303,weight kg for KMD-1750
34.Cone crushing No.'clock 1275.05.400-CB weight kg.for KMD-T