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Flour mill MILLTECH, Turkey, for soft and durum wheat processing capacity of 60 tonnes of grains/24 hour

Offer type: salePublished: 18.01.2014
Seller:Yavorskij Vladimir
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Address:Ukraine, Luhans'ka Oblast', Luhansk
Flour mill MILLTECH, Turkey, for soft and durum wheat processing capacity of 60 tons of grain per 24 hours, for installation in the hangar HH height 8 m maximum
The main feature is an industrial mill with grinding Department, which provides 4 bloody system and 4 grinding, a total of 8 passes of grinding is the grinding process, which allows to achieve a minimum output:
60-65% flour ash content of 0.55
11-16% of first grade flour ash content of 0.75
22-25% bran
The control system runs the mill and tracking her work uses or PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), or the standard control panel, which provides visualization equipment and chart production in the drawing view in control panel, and automatically generates an error message.
Main supported features are:
observation of the current situation at the mill
tracking of the status of level sensors (PLC)
start/stop machines in groups, in the order defined by their places in the technological chains.
starting and stopping individual machines;
visualization of alarms
tracking of the status of production
programming (configuring) cycles, delivery only PC
Archiving operator commands and anomalies delivery only PC
The production process.
The production process consists of the following stages:
Purification from admixtures for aerodynamic properties.
Cleaning of grain size, density, and surface condition
Selection metallomagnetic impurities
The determination of mineral impurities
Grain cleaning dry
Treatment of the grain with water
Hydrothermal processing of grain
The second stage of the treatment
Mnogochastny grinding grain.
The process of separation by the fineness
the process of screening, sacking
Part of the mill complex
Section cleaning and moisturizing
Section grinding
Section transport
Storage section and automation
The price includes standard offer includes:
Starting-up and adjustment works
Staff training
Hardware warranty 1 year.