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Installation / Assembly / connection of air conditioning in Minsk

Offer type: servicesPublished: 17.01.2014
Seller:kompaniya Igor' Ivanovich Uman'
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Address:Republic of Belarus, Minsk
Installation / installation of air conditioning in Minsk - the company "Uman"
The company "Uman" offers Assembly / installation of the air conditioning in Minsk.
Professional approach to everything today is very important in any field. Moreover, careful consideration require not only people, but any other technique. The same applies to the installation of air conditioners. Without a competent professional who knows all the details of installation of this equipment, to ensure correct operation of air conditioners is quite difficult. That is why installation, and repair of HVAC equipment, you need to trust the person who has specific knowledge and experience in this matter.
Installation of air conditioners: why and how?
All the people decide the issue of ventilation in their own way. But the best and most effective way is to install air conditioning. If you need to purchase this equipment, you should contact a company that sells and installs air conditioners. Experts will help you to find most suitable for your room model of the device, since the selection of the conditioning is carried out with regard to the room in which it will be installed. Among the many nuances that must be considered when selecting a suitable model include the following:
The amount of space that you want to condition.
The size of the Windows in this room.
The location of the Windows in the sides of the world.
The number of persons who will reside in the location where you will install air conditioning and other
Because there are so many not always simple factors selection and installation of air conditioners are best left to professionals.
Air conditioning installation: terms and rules
To air-conditioners were installed in a predetermined period, the customer must fulfil certain conditions, which will greatly facilitate and accelerate the work on installation of equipment. So, what rules should be observed by the client to obtain a quality installation in the shortest possible time?
To ensure unhindered access to the window opening, through which will be the installation of the outdoor unit equipment.
To release the approach to the wall, on which there will be an internal air-conditioning unit and duct communications.
Remove from the room in which will be the installation of air conditioning, all things, or at least to protect them from dust and small crumbs that will appear during operation.
Installation of air conditioners: which includes the installation of equipment?
To the experts of the companies involved in the sale and installation of HVAC equipment, could estimate the preliminary cost of works on installation of equipment, introduce the notion as a "standard installation". It includes all of the installation steps:
Delivery of the equipment to the place of installation.
Stacking interconnect communications, that is two copper pipes, insulation material, cable, drain hose.
Installing the outdoor unit under the window of the room.
Connecting the unit to the network installed near a power outlet.
We offer!
Our company employs only highly trained specialists who are constantly improving their knowledge in the latest new HVAC equipment. It is therefore not a problem for us to install equipment of any complexity. We guarantee our clients the installation of air conditioning in a short time with the observance of all rules and detail. In addition, when the work of our specialists use only professional tools, and if necessary, we can use special equipment such as lifting equipment, vehicles or supplies.
We offer customers the following services:
- Drafting placement of HVAC equipment.
- Installation of air conditioners of different models.
- Conduct pre-commissioning of all systems designed for air conditioning in the room.
Do not neglect the timely servicing of HVAC equipment, it's the key to a long and trouble-free operation of the air.
Always follow all requirements prescribed in the instruction manual of the device.
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