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Installation and connection of the washing machine in Minsk

Offer type: servicesPublished: 17.01.2014
Seller:kompaniya Igor' Ivanovich Uman'
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Address:Republic of Belarus, Minsk
Connection / Installation of washing machines.
Connection / Installation of the dishwasher.
Modern models of washing machine and require the correct connection to water, Sewerage and of course, to the supply mains 220V. Therefore, it is better to hire a specialist.
The company "Uman" provides services for the installation, connection, washing machines, dishwashers, and other appliances in Minsk and Minsk region. We do everything necessary to connect a washing machine and dishwasher to communications:
the source of water,
- a drain to the sewer,
- mains.
A specialist company "Uman" take all the necessary material and in one visit, one hour will be able to install and connect the washing machine in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the toilet or other convenient location. If necessary, conduct a separate outlet from the electrical panel.
During the production company "Uman" guarantees:
- use of quality components that will last you a long time.
- high level of execution of works;
- mark warranty sheet items that washing machine is connected by a certified specialist.
The result of our work - quality connecting your washing machine.
Installation of washing machines and dishwashers in Minsk is performed by experienced master plumber electrician with years of experience. At your request, he can also perform electrical work of any complexity, ranging from the transfer switch and to the wiring of the wiring of the entire apartment. Please note that incorrect connection of washing machines and dishwashers can cause the following troubles:
- in case of a breakdown you can refuse warranty repair;
- you can flood the neighbors living floors below. In this case, the cost of restoring them to finish several times higher than the cost of a qualified professional.
- The cost of a standard connection of washing machines, dishwashers in Minsk is: 215000 rubles, excluding materials.
Connection, electric stove, oven, cooktop and other appliances. The cost of a standard connection, electric stove, oven, cooktop/surface is: 115000 rubles, excluding materials.
You can order the wizard to connect a dishwasher or washing machine in Minsk phone:
Phone Directorate: 8(029)112-82-34, 8(029)555-76-87, 8(025)613-90-77.
Details about company "Uman" look on the website:
Modern models of washing machine and require the correct connection to water, Sewerage, and of course, to the supply mains 220V. Therefore, it is better to hire a specialist. However, if You decided to do it yourself, I want to give You some useful tips.
After the washing machine is delivered to the installation site, it is necessary to remove from it the shipping bolts that secure during transport drum with his drive. Save these bolts - they will be useful to you if you will transport the car to a new place. Where they are can be found in the instructions to the MCA. Basically, they are located at the rear of the machine, but their number and location individually for different machines. Do not be lazy to read the instructions. Start the car with the bolts to put it down!!! Beware!
The connection machine.
The consequences of inadequate quality machines can connect its price many times exceed the value, which will cost you this service. So we ask you to consider our article not as a tool for self-installation of the washing machine, but as a set of key points that should be taken into account at the stage of choosing and buying a car where you are going to bet, how to bring the car to the water and so on
To connect machines will need:
1 - hose Gulf waters,
2 - electrical supply conductor,
3 - water drain hose.
The water supply.
It is necessary to connect to the backbone of cold water, because the temperature of the cold water more acceptable for a washing machine, and the machines have heaters that heat water to the temperature required for a particular wash cycle.
Unit level.
A very important factor in the proper installation of a washing machine is to install it on the level. When properly installed, the machine will be stable, and therefore, will not vibrate and make noise. In addition to the installation level, washing machine should be firmly supported on all four legs, as one of the most common mistakes when installing the level is that it shows the correct position even when relying on three legs, on the floor.
The electrical network.
Of great importance for the safety in the operation of washing machines has their correct grounding. Due to the fact that they are mainly installed in bathrooms, even a small leak of electricity in the washing machine, and simultaneous contact with her and, for example, a bath, can easily lead to an accident.
The machine must be connected so that it had its own circuit breaker ("machine" or "RCD") for a current of 16 a and independent wiring to the distribution panel. The outlet should have a waterproof version (with lid).
Perform professional repairs of imported washing machines in Minsk, at home to the customer, the warranty work done with a stamp on the warranty card.
You can order the wizard to connect a dishwasher or washing machine in Minsk phone:
Velcom 8(029) 112-82-34,
MTS 8(029) 555-76-87,
Life 8(025) 613-90-77
Details about company "Uman" look on the website: