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Offer type: salePublished: 10.03.2022
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Address:Moscow, Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
Machine refrigeration freon MKT 110-2-0
MKT 110-2-0 - freon (R-22) cooling machine on the base 4-cylinder reciprocating compressor P-110 (2P-110) water-cooled condenser. MKT 110-2-0 is designed to cool the process coolant (water, brine, ethylene glycol) in the temperature range +10..... - 15 0C. Refrigerating machine MKT 110-2-0 consists of a shell-and-tube condenser CR-43 with water cooling, evaporator it 30 with in-tube boiling of freon and regenerative heat exchanger, compressor P-110 (2P-110) and the electric motor 75 kW / 1500 rpm All the listed units are compactly mounted on one frame and connected by piping with shutoff and control valves.